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The Evolution of Fire Extinguisher Training

When it comes to fire, the stakes are high. With fire extinguishers being mandated, it is More Important Than Ever to be Prepared for the possibility of a fire. Unfortunately, many people are placed in a position of having to attempt to extinguish a fire with no previous fire training experience, and no knowledge of how to use an extinguisher safely and effectively. This is even more apparent considering few people know how to use them properly, regardless of how often Fire Extinguisher Training is Required, which in many places is yearly. People tend to have the impression that Extinguishers Are On The Wall For Firefighters use, which is incorrect. They are for us to use, to stop a small fire from becoming a big one.

Fire extinguishers are an essential part of safety in the workplace, but they must be used correctly to be effective. With Pyrosoft, you can train your staff on the proper use of fire extinguishers in a safe and supportive environment. Our user-friendly equipment provides a realistic simulation experience, so your trainees can gain the confidence they need to handle a real-life emergency. 

Not only do we provide an effective way of learning where everyone can be trained on-site, but it also allows for cost savings by reducing the need for physical resources like expensive fuel, and extinguishing agents. Digital Fire Extinguisher Simulators have become a valuable tool in providing comprehensive and effective fire safety training.

Our data tracking system allows you to track the time it takes for the fire to extinguish, as well as their success rate. By increasing the flammability level of the fuel or the intensity of the flames, you can challenge your trainees and help them hone their skills. The system has been tested by top safety experts and is trusted by thousands of organizations worldwide.

It is time to move beyond the notion of 'Spray and Pray' when extinguishing a fire and gain true confidence from your next fire extinguisher training course.

Corporate History

In the early 1990s, fire safety training was limited to traditional methods such as lectures and fire burn pans filled with liquid fuel. Unfortunately, this often-meant traditional fire extinguisher training was only available to those appointed as “first responders”, leaving many workers without the knowledge they need to stay safe. Even worse, these fires rarely produced a true fire extinguisher training experience as most of them were so small that any technique could successfully put them out.

Pyrosoft revolutionized fire safety training with the introduction of its first portable fire simulator in 1994. Our first model included a slide projector and a video projector to create a realistic simulation of a fire burning, and using specially placed multi-segmented LCD material the fire would extinguish.

Since then, Pyrosoft has leveraged advances in technology and revolutionized the way in which people learn about fire safety and how to use a fire extinguisher. Now hands-on fire extinguisher training is available to all types of businesses so realistic, simulations can be conducted with minimal resources, any time, anywhere. 

From adjustable difficulty settings and Creating Your Own Fire Hazards, to streaming agent onto the screen, your fire training exercises will be more immersive than ever before.

Real-World Fire... Captured in a Virtual World Setting!

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