Custom Fire Scenes

Custom Fire Scenes - Burn Anything!

Fire safety training is critical in many industries, and the Importance of Fire Extinguishers should never be overlooked. But traditional hands-on extinguisher training can be expensive, time-consuming and messy. Our solution allows companies to create fire scenarios with their own images, so that employees can learn fire extinguisher use in a context that is familiar to them. From a small garbage can, to a huge industrial press, you can seem to burn anything!

Simply take a picture of equipment in your workplace that your staff are familiar with and draw a line where you want fire the fire placed, giving you complete control over customizing your fire training course. From warehouses and factories to offices, our advanced fire safety training system fits any environment, and allows you to fit your environment to it, so you can create the perfect virtual fire extinguisher training experience.

Our fire extinguisher simulators are affordable, easy to use, and provide a realistic experience that will keep your employees safe and engaged. With Pyrosoft, keeping your employees safe has never been easier, or more fun!

Don't wait until it’s too late - revolutionize your team's fire safety training course with our line of simulators today!

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Explore the Custom Scene Creator!

Explore our custom scene creator when you purchase a simulator from our Industrial or Enterprise models.

Create your own fire scenes using any camera, our software, and your imagination!

Take a look at the pictures below to learn how to make your own Custom Fire Scenes!

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Creating your own fire scenes

Step 1) Load an Image and the stock fire video

Step 2) Draw a red line where the fire should be placed, and green where you want it hidden.

Step 3) Press record to save the fire scene!