Fire Simulators

Fire Simulators 

At Pyrosoft Inc., we understand the importance of fire safety in the workplace and can provide you with the necessary tools to ensure that your employees are prepared in case of an emergency. From helping you choose the right fire training simulator to providing comprehensive fire training and after purchase support, we are here to help you make sure that your business is safe from any potential fires. 

All of our realistic fire simulators are designed to provide quality, hands-on extinguisher training to your employees, allowing them to learn the correct technique for operating an extinguisher, and ensuring that they are fully prepared, and confident, to deal with any fire situation that may occur.  

While all our digital fire extinguisher simulators feature the same basic fire simulation technology, the differences can be huge. Some come with classroom training options, some with mid-size screens and create your own fire scene technology, and some with huge screens, multiple extinguishers, and top of the line software. But all models are fully customizable and can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your business. 

Office Models

Our compact Office Models are designed for smaller spaces and provide a cost-effective solution for fire safety training. These models are perfect for businesses with limited space, or a smaller budget. They are extremely portable, lightweight, and great options for those who travel between locations, or just need basic Training in Fire Extinguisher Use. These fit great in the backseat of any vehicle for easy transportation between required fire training locations.

Industrial Models

Our Industrial Models, are designed for larger businesses with more employees and more complex training needs, are rugged, and designed for use in almost any environment. Their larger screens can display more difficult fires with enhanced realism. Software tools allow you to Create Your Own Realistic Fire Simulator Scenes from an image of equipment your trainees work with every day and come loaded with training material for presenting the fire theory portion of the training, along with a supporting script for easy presentation. These Industrial Models will slide into the back seat of most standard size cars.

Firefly has been selected as our model offered for short-term rentals.

Enterprise Models

Our enterprise models are the ultimate choice for businesses that require the best of the best fire extinguisher training. They feature the fastest and most complete software, the best next gen laptops, along with massive screens, multiple extinguishers, and the latest fire simulator technology. Create your own scenes, and display fire scenes on vivid displays up to 11 feet across! Our large screen Enterprise fire extinguisher training simulators are the ultimate choice for businesses that require the best of the best and have the staff and space to accommodate them.

Contact Pyrosoft today to learn more about our fire extinguisher training simulators and how they can help your business improve its fire safety training program. Don’t wait until it’s too late, train with Pyrosoft and be fire ready!